ELIMINATE the constant headache you get from lazy writers who don’t respond to emails, phone calls and make your day a misery . . . 

Did You Know You are LOSING 2 Out of 3 Prospects Who Visit Your Website Every Day?

Copy written by bumbling or LAZY writers who dump clumps of words on your pages, boring readers witless, is costing you money.

It’s EXACTLY the same as setting fire to chunks of your hard-earned cash, every day, day after day after day after day.

And that’s only your website!

What about your newsletters, blog posts, space ads, video scripts, advertorials and other copy that have little to NO impact . . . 

. . . AND when you reach out to your writer, he or she gets back to you . . . eventually when the mood strikes . . . when they feel like it.

They simply don’t care.

Such a WASTE of your time and money!

I help

  • businesses of all sizes
  • website design agencies
  • marketing agencies

AVOID that waste and generate more revenue by ELIMINATING the common problems of

  • lovely looking websites that DON’T convert
  • articles, advertorials, and mail-outs that are ignored
  • having to deal with unresponsive, unprofessional writers that WASTE your TIME and drive you up the wall

I Give You The Words That Turn Your Prospects into Clients And Customers WITHOUT the BS

Your mail out is always interesting and far ahead of the usual press release style content.

Glenn’s articles have resulted in strong traffic growth for the site. The steady stream of enquiries helped push our relatively young company past $50m in orders.

Thanks for your great newsletter. I like the specialized topics while keeping a broader angle of view on the industry.

Chart of increase in website traffic

My Clients See the Results I Get For Them … and We Continue to Work Together.

Please spend a Few Minutes on My Website To Discover How I Can Help You.

I’m Glenn Reeves, a professional content writer and direct response copywriter.

For the last decade I’ve been using my copywriting skills to help companies of all sizes increase revenue and the value of their businesses.

How To Stop 2 Out Of The 3 Types Of Prospects From Quickly Leaving Your Website

  1. The first type of visitor will read every word.
  2. The second type will skim, check out subheadings, bullet points.
  3. The third type will skim very quickly to decide if they’ll read anything at all!

Types 2 and 3 are where your losses occur.

Your website is simply an extended advertisement for your company.

And like any advertisement you have a precious few seconds to grab a visitor and get them engaged in your site.

You see, you have to SELL the ad first . . .  sell them on the reading before anything else can happen.


Readers are ALWAYS looking for a place to stop reading and go do something more interesting.

(You and me both . . . yes, we both do this ourselves 😄)

So, what’s the answer?—great copy is the ANSWER.

Great copy turns Type 2 and Type 3 readers into Type 1 readers who will devour every word you put in front of them.

Great copy makes your words easier to read than ignore!

More readers = More prospects = More customers or clients for YOU.

On This Website You'll Discover . . .

  • Proof my copy converts
  • Examples of my work
  • My enthusiasm and dedication to writing great copy
  • Blog articles on what really works in writing advertising copy and content

Meet a Few of My Clients

  • Benq
  • Sumitronics
  • First Components
  • Scada International Co. Ltd
  • Olily
  • Taitra

Here are Some of the RESULTS I have Achieved for These Clients

  1. Massive increase in online visibility
  2. Massive increase in new clients
  3. Massive increase in existing customer LTV
  4. From Zero sales to consistent online sales
  5. Doubling size of email list (by word of mouth ONLY)
  6. Email open rates 25% above international benchmarks

My writing goal is to motivate your prospects to take the next step in the sales process — to CONVERT the traffic you’re generating into

  • clients
  • customers, or
  • highly qualified leads.

What are My Values and How Do I Work?

I Am TOTALLY Devoted to Your Success.

That is my be-all and end-all.

  1. My one goal is to help you sell your products and services, not come up with ‘creative’ ads or copy for the sake of creativity—My job is to help you increase your sales.
  2. Measurement is my critic. How did the copy perform? What were the results? A single measurement is worth one billion opinions. I base my work on what has worked … on actual results.
  3. I sell with integrity and present your product or service in the best possible light. There is no need to tell fibs in copy.
  4. I believe in the prosperity and success of my clients … and your potential to achieve your goals with the help of direct marketing and no BS professional copywriting.
  5. I relentlessly work on improving my copy — and my ability to write copy — to help you generate more revenue and more success.
  6. My fee structure is sensible and based on helping you achieve your goals and providing a measureable ROI. (I use AWAI guidelines).

The types of copy I can write include:

  • SEO copy
  • B2B Copywriting (a speciality)
  • Copy for every page of a website
  • Special reports (I am an expert in advanced research techniques
  • Email marketing
  • Autoresponders
  • Landing Pages
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Sales Copy
  • Copy for the Entire Funnel
  • Long form copy (web and direct mail)
  • Direct Mail
  • Product Launch Copy
  • Customer Acquisition Copy
  • Display Ads
  • Magazine Space ads
  • AdWords Ads
  • AdWords landing pages
  • Ebooks
  • Brochures

8 Reasons My Copy Boosts ROI & Makes Your Life Easier

  1. Proven record of writing copy that works … and converts. I precisely execute direct response copywriting techniques to motivate readers to take the next step in the sales process making sure the copy is working to generate leads … and revenue. Does it work to the max every time? No. No copywriter is 100% effective. Consistency over time is the key, and I have a proven track record writing copy that increases traffic and improves conversion.

  2. I will always meet your deadline so you get your product or service to the market on your schedule. Your copy will be available at the deadline … usually before.

  3. A partnership approach. I will make your life easier by working WITH you to solve the marketing problems leading you to seek quality copywriting. I will create my copy in line with your marketing strategy so that the copy generates leads and revenue. Clients consider me part of their team: I am SUPER responsive and always available.

  4. Measurement and TESTING are crucially important. Testing, then tweaking headlines, offers, and so forth, to maximize your conversion, is built into my process.

  5. SPEED is crucial—I keep your projects on schedule so you get leads faster, and generate revenue FASTER.

  6. Flexibility and sound business knowledge, particularly in the B2B sector, although I’m just as comfy writing B2C. I’ve written copy for the bicycle industry, the fashion industry, and the electronics industry, including semiconductors. I can rapidly understand the business model and understand how your customer sees things so the copy produces the results you are aiming for.

  7. I’m a lifelong student of direct response copywriting to improve my copywriting skills and improve my customers’ results. I’ve read the works of the copywriting masters going back to Claude Hopkins major books about direct marketing and copywriting and continue to read widely and study all types of copy—my “swipe” file is large … and growing larger by the week.

  8. I can work remotely. I live in Taiwan and have worked extensively with companies in electronics, manufacturing, and fashion sectors.

For my portfolio, click here now.

To read about me, go here.

I look forward to helping you generate leads and revenue. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you to discover more about your revenue goals and your current obstacles.

I’m happy to provide ideas so you gain a sense of how you can improve conversion and generate more revenue.

AN IMPORTANT POINT … when you hire me, you get … ME.

I don’t have apprentice copywriters and I don’t farm work out to other copywriters. You get my direct response copy and my direct marketing expertise to help you generate revenue.

To YOUR massive direct response marketing success,

Glenn Reeves

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