The 5 Problems I Solve, Helping You Drive Revenue and Reach Your Goals

By eliminating these 5 problems, I will make your life a lot easier…

Say goodbye to tortured artists or copywriters who cannot deliver your copy on time.

PROBLEM #1 - The Copy is Late

You will receive a draft of the copy 7 to 14 days from the time you give me the green light.

I GUARANTEE the first draft of the copy will be in your inbox on the deadline—and that keeps your projects on schedule and generates revenue faster.

I make myself available at extremely short notice (you’ve never worked with anyone as responsive as me) if you have any sort of copy emergency.

PROBLEM #2 - The Copy is Not Converting

After I have written your copy and it has gone live, I actively monitor the results.

We can work on adjustments and variations based on an understanding of the numbers.

I relish the analytical side of things as much as the writing side.

You will NOT be left in the lurch with copy that is not doing the job!

PROBLEM #3 - The Copy Costs Too Much

My rates are sensible and stems from the fact that copy is an asset that creates value for your business.

Immediately in the case of an email campaign, for example.

Over time in the case of a content writing ‘campaign’.

If you are looking for bargain basement rates eg. $100 to write the content for a website sort of rate , then Upwork is your best shot.

You’ll find tons of copywriters there . . . but anything at all can happen. You may get lucky. You may not.

PROBLEM #4 - The Copywriter Has Disappeared

I am always available and you will find me the most directly responsive 😁 copywriter you have ever worked with.

PROBLEM #5 - The Copywriter Does Not Understand the Product or Service

15 years of working closely with businesses of all size, from global corporations to family-owned companies has given me a deep insight into a variety of business models (B2B, B2C) AND the mind of many customers and clients who were the target of those models.

I can rapidly understand your business model and your marketing strategy.

Putting this experience together with the foundational copywriting skill, RESEARCH, is the starting point for creating effective copy for you.

My research skills were honed during my time studying and applying advanced qualitative and quantitative methods for social science.

The upshot is I will achieve an exquisitely detailed understanding of the customer which will be reflected in the copy I write for you.

How I Can Help Your Business?

If you own or manage a marketing or advertising agency, you are on the hook to your clients to get them positive results.

I can help you deliver the results you need so you get more business from your clients.

Or do you manage accounts at an agency?

The powerful, effective copy that I provide to you will allow you to exceed your goals, impress your clients and agency executives.

You will never again have to waste valuable time searching for a copywriter.

Some of my recent results

  • A blog for a manufacturing company has put them the company get the #1-#5 ranking for dozens of high value keywords on Google.
  • I have doubled the size of one company’s email list by word of mouth only … on the strength of the copy and the content. Readers love it so much they continue to share and recommend it.
  • Another manufacturing company client sells products D2C on the strength of the funnel I set up and the copy supporting that funnel.
  • A major electronics company is delighted I am available at short notice to fine tune the copy on their web pages.

I provide:

  • Long form copy (for the web and for direct mail)
  • SEO copy (that’s easy to read and that ranks)
  • Copy for new websites
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Autoresponders
  • Ebooks
  • Special reports
  • Blogging
  • Brochures
  • Video Sales Letters (VSLs)
  • and more

I can provide you with powerful, effective copy for your digital AND offline marketing needs.

Contact me now to discuss your project.

My goal is to build long-term working relationships with:

  • Marketing agencies (large and small)
  • Corporate marketing departments (that use a conventional or direct response model)
  • Small and Medium sized businesses

I understand the stresses and problems you face … and I’m here to help.

In direct marketing, the goal is to produce a measurable result … it’s a MUST.

You have to drive traffic to a website. Or motivate a prospect to click a link or fill out a form or call a telephone number.

This approach is all about being ACCOUNTABLE. You have to convert website visitors or readers of your ads or brochures into clients and customers.

You don’t rely on warm and fuzzy notions of ‘branding’. Instead you go by the numbers, by Google Analytics for example (one of my favorite marketing tools…possibly THE most important Martech tool in anyone’s quiver).

It’s all about CONVERSION and having your clients constantly giving you work based on the leads you provide and the money you generate for them.

My vital role is to be the copywriter who you trust to…

  • Convert
  • Keep deadlines
  • Be accountable
  • Get the copy right quickly and without fuss
  • Answer your emails and calls quickly
  • Understand your product or service
  • Make sure the copy fits the marketing strategy

I become the ‘go to’ copywriter for my clients — I can become your ‘go to’ copywriter, saving you from one or more of the 5 problems.

Click here now to discuss your project.

Tone is important in writing copy.

At one end of a continuum you have corporate copy which is low key and subtle.

At the other end is copy that is LOUD and bordering on OBNOXIOUS.

We can use whatever it takes to convert a reader to clicking a button, filling out a form, or becoming a buyer.

Whatever it takes to maximize response.

I can increase the volume or turn it way down. It all depends on the approach the reader expects, which in turn comes from in-depth research that provides in-depth understanding of that reader.

You have a simple decision to make:

Take your chances with a copywriter you found on some site like Upwork and deal with their nonsense and be continually faced with one or more of the 5 problems I described above.


Give me the chance to prove my copy transforms readers into paying customers, and enjoy the benefits of having a reliable, skilled copywriter on your team.

Check out case studies of my work here.

I’m really looking forward to helping you generate leads and revenue and solving the copywriter problems that slow you down and make your professional life harder than it has to be.

Skype me (glencomers), or contact me here.

To YOUR direct response success

Glenn Reeves

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