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This list is based on AWAI service classifications which divides copywriting services into Online and Offline forms of writing.

I have more experience in some of these categories of writing than in others.

I have placed those in which I have more experience in the first section of each division.

While my specialities are in Newsletter writing, SEO (long form) content and other articles, I have experience in all categories listed.

And note that I treat all types of B2B and B2C customer- or client-facing commercial writing as “Direct Response” as per my definition.

1. Web Content and Other Online Copywriting
2. Offline Copywriting Services

Web Content and Other Online Copywriting


I’ve done more of the following types of writing in this section than in Section 2.

Site Content Audit and Report
Increase the ranking — and therefore, visibility — of particular pages making up a website by looking for gaps in the content. A tool like Ahrefs is good for this, although you need a good deal of experience to interpret the data and make the right decisions.

The #1 way to raise your company’s visibility online is by publishing articles from 1,200 to 2,500+ words in length that offer great value your target audience. This type of content is the essence of SEO.

Keyword Research
I use a variety of tools to identify top keyword opportunities in Google on specific topics as the basis for creating targeted content.

There is no better way to improve customer or client LTV than a well-crafted newsletter. Writing a regular newsletter with useful content complemented with the occasional well-crafted offer is an essential marketing strategy.

Editorial Piece for Newsletter
My article on newsletters covers the various forms of newsletter you might employ. Writing short articles 600-800 words in length which you link to from a brief summary in your newsletter is a great way to build reader loyalty—and new subscribers! Linking to your main, long-form SEO articles from your newsletter is also a must.

Home Page Content: SEO and Sales-conversion Copywriting
Your site’s Home page is one of the most visited pages. Get it working to the max by fine tuning the copy to get readers engaged and moving through the rest of your website.

Complete Site Re-Design W/Copywriter Overseeing Content Flow
I have done this for many websites right from scratch. When your prospects can easily use your site to quickly find the answers to their questions, Google will reward you. It’s essential for great SEO. Using clear, simple messaging and constructing simple pathways through your site is the goal.

Competitive Analysis – detailed, in-depth
Set yourself apart from your competitors by firstly reviewing their copy. See what they are doing wrong — and right — then make your adjustments.

Category Page Update: SEO and Sales-conversion Copywriting
Unless your pages talk in the language that your prospects use, you’ll be losing precious opportunities. I’ll rewrite your key webpages (About, Products, Services, Subscribe etc.) in terms that pull your prospects in like tacks to a magnet, putting them on the way to becoming your customer.

Product Page Update: SEO and Sales-conversion Copy
Optimize each product or service page to rank higher in search AND talk the language of your customers. That way you convert your increase in traffic at a higher rate.

New Page and Sales-conversion Copy
Make sure every page, new or old, is written according to time-tested copywriting principles. Compelling copy is a cornerstone of a high conversion rate.

Banner Ad or Text Ad
Every word counts in banner or text ads. I’ll give you the exact words to drive maximum visitors to your special discounts or other promotion pages.

Online Sales Page for Single Promotion
Create a powerful sales page motivating readers to take you up on the great offer you have prepared for them.

Lead Generation Landing Page
A short-copy page (often called a “squeeze” page) designed to maximize the action you want the page visitors to take. That’s usually personal contact information in exchange for a valuable resource such as a white paper or other special report.

“How to” Guide or Tour
A helpful guide clearly explaining how a product or service works in clear, simple steps.

Press Release
The real definition of a press release which is little understood by many companies. A press release is a sales letter designed to sell a journalist on a story, the story being about, or involving your product in some way. If you impress the journalist, they’ll use your info in a story of their own. I’ll write you a press release that maximizes your chance that journalists will pick up your product story AND saves you wasting your money on product “announcements” that get ignored.

Blog Post
Using a combination of the three kinds of blog posts —1. Evergreen 2. Seasonal 3. Timely — are the key to bringing targeted relevant traffic to your website. I use all three to deliver website traffic, conversions and clear business outcomes for my clients.

Blog Editorial Calendar and Post Series
Supercharge your blogging strategy by planning blog post content in advance.

Short Online Video Script
1-5 minute “explainer”, demo, how-to, case study, testimonial, or short VSL. I have plenty of experience with these. Check out these explainer videos which I wrote, hosted, shot, edited, and uploaded.

Podcast Script
Make the most of this powerful medium of connection to your audience. I’ll help you craft your message and its delivery to maximize its impact on your followers—and to help speed up getting new ones.

Answering questions your customers most often ask is a powerful way to move new prospects to becoming customers. And FAQs are fantastic for SEO (see Google’s People Also Ask section of most search results pages)

Case Study
Get more prospects on the road to becoming your customers. I’ll create powerful authority-building testimonials (which is what case studies are) that will motivate readers to reach out to you. Showing (and not simply ‘telling’ mind you…) how you solve customer problems is a powerful business-building device.

White Paper (Special Report)
Motivate prospective customers to sign up to your email list with powerfully-written highly-valuable reports on topics of importance to them. A great way to generate leads.

The cousin to the case study, you can’t have too many testimonials on your website or in your sales pages. The success of your promotions (your website is a form of promotion akin to a sales letter) depends on marrying the promotion’s promise to proof that the promise is the truth.

Autoresponder/Funnel Emails (Series)
Deepen your relationship to prospects and customers. Or maximize your revenue from well-crafted sales funnels which include OTOs, cross-sells, and up-sells.

Stand-alone Email
Your newsletter and stand-alone sales emails are two sides of a coin. Maximize the power of these awesomely effective selling tools and thus your revenue by motivating prospects and existing customers with carefully timed and crafted single emails—an excellent way to maximize LTV).

Training Script/Copywriting
Help your customers use your service(s) or products. Help them complete tasks by creating clear step-by-step easy-to-follow guides.

Social Media Setup
Create vibrant social media page content (eg. YouTube Channel About page) to encourage subscriber and followers.

Company Descriptions
Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), Other Review Sites, Directories.

User Experience (UX) Copywriting
Make your site or app much easier to use. Ensure that every point of contact is thought-through from the user’s point of view and 100% user-focused.


Long-Form Video Sales Letter (VSL)
Include a VSL in every online sales letter to boost conversions—a LOT. They can be from 20 to 50 minutes long . . . or longer.

An e-book is great for top-of-the funnel content or as a guide that your prospects or customers conveniently access whenever or wherever they are.

Teleseminar/Webinar Script
Create a smooth and powerful presentation with clear and easy-to-understand slides to maximize conversions.

Order Page/Shopping Cart Sequence
Reduce the number of carts abandoned by potential customers. Clear copy structured in clear steps will maximize conversions and thus revenue.

Survey Wording
Maximize the number of survey users who complete your survey by asking clearly worded questions.

Boost sales by creating a super-targeted website of up to 5 pages.

Offline Copywriting Services

I’ve done more of the following types of writing than those listed in Section 2.


Get maximum interest in a product by presenting it in a magazine-style article.

Print/Space Ad
Done correctly, space ads in magazines, newspapers and trade journals are cost-effective lead generating tools.

Trade Show Materials
Get more attention at trade shows with dynamic, customer-focused posters, displays, catalogues and more.

The guaranteed way to ensure any published content is 100% error-free.

“How-to” Guide (such as a Buying Guide) or “Tips” Booklet
Prospects and customers will love receiving helpful guides and booklets.

Marketing Strategy, Planning, Consulting
Effective copywriting becomes even more so when embedded in a strategy. I’ve planned and executed marketing strategies for various companies.

Copy Critique
Strengthen your copy with an expert review and recommendations.

Collateral Audit
A comprehensive review of all company materials across all channels to ensure consistent results.

Product or Program Naming
Generate a large number of potential names and tag lines for a product or program.

Get a short, powerful message to go with the right image.


Ghostwriting a Book
Become a known author of your own business book or even your memoirs by having an expert writer do the hard part of writing it for you.

Store Sign
Add excitement and verve to store signs telling shoppers about special sale offers, trial offers, and so forth.

Welcome Packet
Help new members or subscribers understand all the benefits of their membership.

Training Manuals (non-software/technical)
Combining my original skills as a teacher with the principles of writing clear, effective copy I will create effective training material. Particularly appropriate for call centers, or wherever there are processes to follow.

Employee/Human Resources Materials
Explain employee benefits, information and guidelines to workers at all levels of an organization.

Event Materials
Make an impression at sales meetings, awards ceremonies, important occasions and so forth.

Speech Writing
Get — and keep! — your audience’s attention at seminars, business gatherings, and fundraising dinners, wherever you need to make a splash.

Annual Report
Make the Company Overview uniquely useful by appealing to your investors.

Direct Mail: Sales Letter Package
Maximize the open rate and conversion rate of your DM sales letters to garner subscriptions, promote products etc.

Direct Mail: Lead-Generation Package
Get more leads with a letter, envelope, order device and buckslip for the offer that appeals to your target audience.

Direct Mail: Magalog
A sales letter many pages long in the form of an extended magazine or tabloid article.

Direct Mail Newsletter-Style Self-Mailer
An engaging piece based on solid research mailed to the right audience to generate leads, make sales, or get subscriptions or registrations.

Direct Mail: Postcard or Double Postcard
Avoid being dropped into the bin—get added to the mail that is kept and which generates the action you want the prospect to take.

Brochure (3+ panels)
Succinctly and clearly explain the benefits of a service or product to your prospects.

Radio Commercial
Grab attention and prompt action with the right concept and copy for a 30 or 60-second spot.

Radio Direct-Response Commercial
Generate sales with a tight, appealing direct-selling spot.

TV Commercial
A strong 30-60 second spot will raise awareness and motivate action in the direction of your product or service.

Drive sales with appealing coupon promotions.

Direct Response - A Definition

A direct response copywriter

  • chooses words and images then
  • carefully arranges them in the right order to
  • motivate prospective customers and customers

to try products and services.

My goal, my only goal, is to help you get more business and increase your revenue through writing direct response copy that WORKS … that brings you RESULTS.

I approach every piece I write with that goal in mind.

Therefore, every piece is direct response.

To YOUR massive direct response marketing success,

Glenn Reeves

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